Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jamie Long, Glenn Lynch and Carmel Long. Photo by Joe Evans.


THE Waterford News & Star met MAD 55 members past and present and as well as those featured in Tuesday’s edition, many more spoke about what the club means to them.
Jamie Long, who studied Social Care in University College Cork, said of the project: “The amount of people who wouldn’t be where they are now only for the club is unreal. The value of education is what’s taught down here. When we started very few people from Ballybeg went to college, school completion rates were low as well, but you realise how important taking your education seriously is from coming down here. I realised I wanted to do social care down here.”
His sister Carmel added that, growing up, she never believed she would have her own business, but thanks to her time at MAD 55 and the help of coordinater Glenn, her dream became reality when she opened Root 66 Hair Salon on Mayor’s Walk.
“When I wanted to open my own business I came down and Glenn helped me with things like making a business plan and just pointed me in the right direction in general. Only for him I wouldn’t have a clue about any of the funding you could get for a business so that was so helpful. He doesn’t get enough recognition because the number of kids that have come through here who wouldn’t have ended up in a good place is huge.”
To hear from more of the members pick up the latest edition of the Waterford News & Star.

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