Thursday, November 22, 2018

THE HSE has signed off on Capital funding of €4.75 million to construct a second cath lab and associated day ward at University Hospital Waterford, local Oireachtas members have confirmed.

At the November meeting of the HSE’s National Capital and Property Steering Committee, it was agreed to proceed with the construction of the new cath lab above the existing ground floor Cardiology Department at UHW. The two labs will be connected via a lift and stairs and a new recovery/ day ward for cardiology patients will also be provided on the first floor. The new lab will take 12 to 16 months to design and construct, while the mobile lab currently delivering diagnostics at UHW will remain on site in the interim.

Recruitment of necessary staff will take place during construction so that, on completion, there is no delay in the lab becoming operational. Furthermore, recruitment for additional staff to extend the interventional services at the existing lab to 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday, is at an advanced stage. Five staff (Grade IV Admin, Porter, Snr Cardiac Physiologist, Senior Radiographer and Staff Nurse) have now been recruited on an 8am to 8pm working day basis.  Documentation is also being finalised for the recruitment of a consultant cardiologist required to facilitate the provision of additional operating hours.

Waterford’s Oireachtas members have received assurances from senior HSE management that every effort will be made to accelerate construction of the new cath lab, where possible:

“We are delighted that our cross-party efforts have succeeded in delivering a second cath lab for Waterford. We will continue to work together to improve services and outcomes for cardiology patients across the south east and will meet senior HSE officials throughout the design and construction phase to be updated on progress and ensure the fastest possible delivery of Waterford’s second cath lab.”

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