Monday, February 11, 2019

A SHOW by Waterford entertainer Bonnie Boux (AKA Sinead Gould) called “Making a Show of Yourself”, which is scheduled to take place in The Reg on May 12, has received close to 5000 complaints by Catholics and Catholic Groups.

The show, which is a mixture of theatre, comedy, music and dance, tells the story of Father Enda and Sister Sheila, who have been excommunicated from the Church, but still want to preach the word of God – in their own way. Both Bonnie and The Reg have received thousands of emails about the show and an online petition demanding for it to be cancelled, currently has 4585 signatures.

One such complaint states “It is with great consternation we learn of your plan to stage this vile and blasphemous play in Dublin and Waterford. Of course this is outrageous and offensive to the true Catholic Faith and Morals and will lead many souls to hell. But as for those who promote such vileness against Almighty God, His Son Jesus Christ our Redeemer and Our Most Blessed Lady, well hell will not be hot or deep enough for them.  I therefore in Christian charity for the sake of your souls beg you to withdraw immediately form this satanic attack on the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Speaking to the Waterford News & Star, Bonnie Boux said that she was shocked to see the complaints flooding in.

“It started with just one email and we dismissed it, as you would, because that person was obviously never going to come and see the show,” she said. “But then they started coming in their thousands, so it was clear that this was an organised effort to get the show cancelled.”

Bonnie says that the show, which she describes as a ‘disco, comedy cabaret mass’, is not an attack on the Catholic Faith, but a light hearted ‘poke’ at the religion that ‘we are all brought up in’.

“I grew up in a Catholic school so all the prayers and songs were drummed into me as a child, which of course means that it wasn’t a particularly difficult show to write,” Bonnie said. “Sister Sheila and Father Enda are tired of the traditional, conservative ways of the Church so they have come together to start their own, all-inclusive Mass. We love everyone, and everyone is welcome.”

“Making a Holy Show of Yourself” includes songs such as “Sweet Child of Prague” and a twist of Brittany Spears hit ‘Toxic’, which has been rewritten as ‘Agnostic’. Bonnie Boux says that she ‘doesn’t quite know’ what to make of the amount of complaints that the show has received.

“I’m not in the business of disrespecting anyone, and that was never going to be the intention of this show,” she said. “We want to have fun and a bit of craic, whilst saying things about the Catholic Church that have already been said a thousand times over. Anything that is as big as the Catholic Church and has the following that it does, is always going to be open to different types of interpretations, and that’s all we’re doing.”

One of the emails, which was sent to Reg Manager Donal O’Brien, pleaded for it to be cancelled stating that “from the description of the event, it appears that consecrated Hosts will be distributed at this event in mockery of Catholics’ belief in Transubstantiation. Whatever any of the comedians, organisers, attendees, or you may believe, this is a sacrilege. Whatever anyone believes, it is uncalled for.”

Speaking to the Waterford News & Star Donal said “The Reg has facilitated shows from Bonnie Boux in the past, and each one has proven to be as tasteful as they were successful. We were taken aback by the reaction to this show, in particular to the volume and ferocity of emails received. Even though it’s still some months away, we will be speaking to Bonnie Boux to make sure that the show, which will inevitable be tongue in cheek, is considerate and respectful of its audience.”

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By Darren Skelton
Contact Newsdesk: 051 874951

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