Monday, April 01, 2019

A campaign poster distributed by Keith Barry ahead of this week’s surprising local election announcement.

WATERFORD’S upcoming Local Elections have taken a surprising twist, with the news that magician/mentalist Keith Barry has added his name to the list of candidates who will be scampering for those number ones on May 24. Barry, who is no stranger to activism but whose political persuasions are as mysterious as his on-stage antics, told the Waterford News & Star today that he still has a vote in Waterford City and would be running as an Independent Candidate.

“This may come as a surprise to the people of Waterford, but the fact is that I’ve been thinking about this for the last 10 years, if not more,” Barry said. “I’ve always had a plan for my career, and those who would have paid attention to some earlier interviews would have known that politics was always going to be on the agenda at some stage or another.”

Asked why he was choosing the Local Elections as opposed to the General Election, Barry replied that “all politics are local”.

“I’m a proud Waterford man, born and bred and I want to start out my political life making a difference on the local stage,” he said. “It’s clear to me that Waterford has done somewhat of an economic disappearing act when compared to other cities in Ireland and that has to change. The same can be said of many of its politicians who seem to do a “Now you see me” – during elections – “Now you don’t” as soon as they’re elected. That’s not good enough.”

Barry has confirmed that if elected, he intends to continue with his entertainment endeavours but will “dedicate a significant amount of time” to his Council work.

“A lot of the current councillors are holding down full-time jobs while representing their electorate, and that’s something I can see myself doing as well,” he explained. “My mentalism experience will give me an edge over my fellow candidates who I predict will spend most of their time fibbing about what they intend to do for the people of Waterford. Much like my magic, I will be making some things appear in Waterford – such as amenities and facilities – and making other things disappear – such as anti-social behaviour, litter, and backward attitudes!”

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