Thursday, April 11, 2019

123 cranes are currently operational in Dublin.

A CRANE count by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) has confirmed what the people of the South East have known for some time – the region is lagging behind the rest of the country. According to the count, there are currently 123 cranes operational in Dublin right now, seven in Cork City, two in Galway and two in Limerick. The only city in the State right now with not a single crane touching the sky, is Waterford.

Southern Regional Director of CIF, Conor O’Connell said that the scale of the differential between Dublin and other cities in Ireland is “greater than expected even allowing for factors such as population growth and economic output”.

“At this stage in our economic cycle, after several years of economic growth in most sectors of the economy in most regions, there should be far greater construction and development taking place outside Dublin,” Conor said. “We should ensure that our policy across all areas of the economy is “stress tested” for regional flexibility. For instance, how can we produce residential units at the current market prices in regional towns across Ireland? How can we connect the clusters of industry all over Ireland together in a more efficient manner?”

Fine Gael Senator and General Election candidate Paudie Coffey says that the North Quays hold the key to the arrival of cranes in Waterford.

“It is imperative that the North Quays regeneration project along with the re-development of the Michael Street site is progressed – these are the shovel ready sites that will see multiple cranes required and the projects will be the shot in the arm and catalyst for further construction work that our city badly requires,” Senator Coffey said. “The longest span bridge presently being constructed on New Ross by-pass will improve access to our city and region and is a substantial piece of transport infrastructure but we need to see more. It’s not long since the cranes on the West Pharma and B&L sites came down – we now need to see further industrial investment opportunities delivered by IDA for the city also – CIF recently delivered a positive outlook for Waterford city at its annual dinner and my focus remains on supporting the construction projects and initiatives that can build scale in our region.”

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By Darren Skelton
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