Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A 34-YEAR-OLD man who had consumed caffeine tablets while he attended the gym died in his apartment with a fatal level of caffeine and a high level of amphetamine in his system, Waterford Coroner’s Court heard last week.

The Gardaí received a report of a sudden death on April 30, 2018 and upon arrival, discovered the body of Krystzof Golczyk, with a Park Road address in the city, lying flat on his back on the bedroom floor with no signs he was responsive. There was no indication of any foul play and the man’s roommates informed the Gardai that they had heard him vomiting in his room the previous night.

The deceased had been drinking protein shakes and took caffeine tablets as well as attending the gym the night before he was found.

His sister Anna Golczyk identified the body and her deposition to the court noted that she had last seen him at around 6pm or 7pm the previous night, adding that he used protein shakes and supplements in the gym.

Consultant Pathologist at University Hospital Waterford Dr. Nigam Shah said there were no signs of trauma to Mr Golczyk’s body but that toxicology results discovered the presence of amphetamines and a “very high” level of caffeine in his body – above the levels which can cause death. He noted that the fatal level of caffeine and high level of amphetamines in his system could cause a sudden abnormal rhythm of the heart.

Coroner John Goff ruled the cause of death as caffeine toxicity following Dr. Shah’s testimony.

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