Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Noah Sullivan

THE parents of Noah Sullivan can now imagine him being able to walk down the streets of Waterford in the near future after reaching their €100,000 fundraising target for life-changing surgery for their little boy.

A fundraising campaign got underway at the start of the year after Noah from Collins Avenue, Dunmore Road, who suffers from with cerebral palsy, was approved for surgery in the USA.

In a statement, David and Debbie Sullivan, the parents of Noah, thanked the media and the people of Waterford and beyond for their “warm and generous support of the campaign to fund Noah’s wish to walk which has now achieved funds of €100K which allow our brave little son Noah travel to St Louis, USA, in October for life altering surgery to help him walk and fund his three years post-operative physiotherapy”.

“Over the past five months people have walked, talked, climbed, knitted, sewed, baked, shaved and sang to raise funds for Noah’s wish to walk. We thank you one and all. There are some events in the pipeline yet to happen over the next couple of weeks and all future funds received will go to secure further very necessary years of physiotherapy and rehab for Noah,” David and Debbie said.

“Since the Noah’s wish to walk campaign was launched in January this year the people of Waterford and beyond have wholeheartedly gotten behind us and for that support we will be eternally grateful. Someday soon our son Noah will walk down the streets of Waterford and make us all proud of the opportunity we have collectively afforded him. From the bottom of our hearts we say thank you,” the parents added.

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By Claire Quinn
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