Wednesday, June 26, 2019

with Chef Dario Cavaliere

QUICK, easy and delicious these summer salads are so tasty that you will be going back for second helpings guaranteed! But that’s ok too, as they are also low in fat and balanced. Here they are designed for a lazy Saturday afternoon lunch, in the garden with a drink, so the only thing you will have to decide is wine or beer?!


Watermelon & Feta Cheese Salad

75g diced feta cheese

300g diced watermelon

100g washed rocket

100g streaky bacon

3 tbsp. olive oil

1 tbsp. lemon juice

1 tbsp. orange juice

1 tbsp. honey

salt and freshly ground black pepper


Place the streaky bacon slices on a tray and place under a hot grill for 5 minutes until they are crispy on both sides. Remove and allow to cool completely. Chop into bits and put aside.

Whisk the orange and lemon juice with the honey and olive oil until you have a thick dressing. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

In a large bowl, combine the rocket leaves, watermelon, feta and sliced crispy bacon. Pour over the dressing and serve immediately.


Pea and Cucumber Salad

1 cucumber

600g frozen peas

30g fresh mint leaves

75g greek style yoghurt

salt and pepper


Slice the cucumber lengthways, and using a teaspoon, scrape out the seeds from the centre. Slice the cucumber into ½ cm slices resembling half moon shapes.

Allow the frozen peas to thaw at room temperature. This will keep the peas deliciously crunchy and green.

Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well. Before serving grate some fresh lemon zest over the top.

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By Dario Cavaliere
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