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Dayne Ormond, who was found guilty of assault causing harm to Alan Reynolds

A TRAMORE man has been found guilty of assault causing harm after an attack on Waterford FC manager, Alan Reynolds. It took a jury a little more than an hour to find Dayne Ormond (30), of 1, Beech Park, Tramore, guilty of the assault, which took place on Main Street on May 26, 2018.

Giving evidence, Mr Reynolds said that he went out to the Forge Inn with some friends, between 6:30pm and 7pm, to watch the Champions League Final between Liverpool and Real Madrid. He said that after the match he went to the Hi-B nightclub but “felt too old to be there” so left after 5-10 miniutes.

He said that he went to ‘Tony’s Chipper’ next, and claimed that he met Dayne Ormond who “shouted some stuff at him about Waterford FC”. Mr Paul Hutchinson, Barrister for Ormond, claimed that his client wasn’t in the chipper that night at all. There was no CCTV footage from inside the chipper, but the jury were shown some footage that occurred at 00:50, which showed Mr Reynolds and Ormond walking up Main Street, engaged in some form of dialogue.

According to Mr Reynolds, he was walking up Main Street when he heard someone shout “Rennie” – a popular nickname for the Waterford manager. He turned around and saw Dayne Ormond, someone he said he was “familiar with”.

The CCTV, which the jury asked to see again at the close of the trial, showed the men engaged in some kind of conversation – they both stopped in the street and then Mr Reynolds pushed past Ormond in an apparent effort to get away from him.

Mr Reynolds said that “no conversation” took place, and he told Dayne that he was “just going home” and “didn’t want any hassle”. He then said that Ormond punched him in the eye, which caused him to fall over. He then said that when he tried to get up, Ormond kicked him “full force” in the face. He said he didn’t remember much more than that, until Ormond began to wake him up saying “the guards are coming, don’t say anything”.

When asked about his injuries, Mr Reynolds revealed that he had a fractured cheekbone, broken nose, broken ankle, cuts over his eye which required stitches and a broken ankle, which he claimed was caused by Ormond “jumping on it”, although he couldn’t confirm this to be true because of his memory loss. The court heard that his injuries required him to remain in hospital for a week.

Waterford FC manager, Alan Reynolds



Under interrogation from Mr Hutchinson, Mr Reynolds admitted that he initially didn’t want to make a statement against Ormond, only deciding to do so from his hospital bed the next day when he said he “remembered more” from the incident. He said that he “knew Dayne and didn’t want to get him in trouble”.

He said that according to Dayne Ormond, who didn’t give evidence at the trial, the two men got into a fight because Mr Reynolds made some disparaging remarks about Ormond’s father. Mr Reynolds strenuously denied this saying that he “didn’t know Mr Ormond’s father” and that his own father had passed away six months previous so he would “never say anything about someone else’s father”.

Mr Hutchinson suggested that Ormond asked Mr Reynolds to “withdraw” the remark about his father, at which point, he said, Mr Reynolds “hit him a head-butt”. He then suggested that because he had drink taken, he fell off the path, which caused him to break his ankle. Mr Reynolds denied this, saying that he didn’t head-butt Ormond, or fall off the path. Mr Hutchinson suggested that Mr Reynolds was “speculating” and didn’t remember much from the evening at all.

Representing the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Boland queried the “head-butt”, and why Ormond had no injuries, to his nose or face “which would have been the consequence of a head-butt”.

The court then heard that Ormond took off his hoodie, placed it under Mr Reynolds’s head and stayed with him while the emergency services were on their way.



A number of other witnesses gave evidence at the trial. Lorraine Connolly, Molly Palmer and Sophie Regan were out socialising on the night in question when they “saw a man on the ground and another man helping him”.

Ms Connolly said that she called the ambulance and then asked Ormond what had happened. She testified that he said that “there was an altercation…we got into a stupid fight”. She also stated that Mr Reynolds was the only man who had any injuries.

Ms Regan ran into the Forge Inn to get tissues as the “blood was going everywhere” while Ms Palmer said that it “definitely looked like Mr Ormond was trying to help him”.

Paul Power, who was in the Forge Inn when Sophie Regan entered looking for tissues, went out on to the street and found Mr Reynolds “in the gutter” covered in blood. He said that he suggested to Ormond that he move him into the “recovery position” at which point he testified that Ormond told him to “f**k off and mind your own business”. He described Ormond as being “aggressive”.

Two members of Tramore Gardaí – Michael Brenner and Aine Mullins – gave evidence that Mr Reynolds said that he “didn’t know what happened” and that he “didn’t want to make a complaint”. Garda Brenner, who wasn’t present in court but submitted a written statement, said that both men had drink consumed but Ormond “wasn’t drunk”. He said that various individuals, including a gentleman called John Power, arrived on the scene. Garda Brenner claimed that Mr Power was aggressive and demanding, saying that he was going to “sort this himself”. Garda Brenner also said that Mr Power tried to gain access to the Garda car when it was leaving the scene.

Giving evidence, Mr Power said that he had very little memories of what happened on the night but “apologised” to the Gardaí the next day, and it was “accepted”.

Another friend of Mr Reynolds, Niall Brennan gave evidence that he was visiting the Waterford manager in hospital the next day when he received a missed call and a voicemail, which turned out to be from Dayne Ormond.  He said that Dayne said that there was an altercation, “things got serious and I hit him”, to which Mr Brennan replied “go way now Dayne, that couldn’t be what happened…look at his injuries”. Mr Brennan said that Mr Reynolds was “unrecognisable” and that he accused Ormond of “dancing on his leg”.

After asking to hear the evidence of Mr Reynolds one more time, as well as repeated viewing of the CCTV evidence, the jury found Ormond guilty of assault causing harm. He was released on continuing bail and will be sentenced on October 8.

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