Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Dear Editor,

I was delighted to hear reports in the local media that the proposed new transport hub on the north quay area has now gone out for public consultation.

I broadly welcome that such a development on this scale is finally starting to move in the right direction and eventually to construction stage.

I remain somewhat concerned that the Limerick to Waterford line is not being upgraded, the existing timetable on that line includes only two daily services in each direction, surely the line will now need significant investment if the transport hub is to be a success.

We also have the issue of the now redundant Rosslare Europort-Waterford line without any rail services for a considerable period of time, how will this tie into the transport hub master plan.

Rosslare Europort is the main entry point for all ferry passengers coming from both the UK and Europe; what image does this send to potential investors, that a critical piece of mass rail infrastructure is today lying idle due in part to a lack of investment and the right vision by people in power.

As a country we need to invest in our rail network and expand the rail network in order to curb our CO2 gas emissions; in order for us as a country to meet our environmental obligations agreed under various international treaties.

We hear that the public demand is not there for such rail services and that we have not got the population mass to support an expanded rail network, well if this is correct, why then do we continue to expand road network, in my opinion the new road network should compliment an expanded rail network, together with park and ride services, why not.



General rail user,

John J Connolly,


Co Kilkenny.

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