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WATERFORD city’s first dedicated entertainment application is up and running, and its prodigious creator ultimately hopes to roll out the format on a nationwide basis.

Speaking to the Waterford News & Star, Jordan Casey hopes that S.C.N.E. (Social City Nightlife & Entertainment) can establish itself as “the only app you need to have a safe night out in Waterford”.

The WIT Business student, who is currently enjoying a six-month Bank of Ireland scholarship at Boxworks on Patrick Street (“I just love it there”), first thought about creating the app last year.

“Whenever I work on a project, it always allows me to not only work on my programming but invest time in my passions,” he said.

“I used to be very passionate about games so I started making games. I became very passionate about education, I started out moving into education; I felt the same way about entrepreneurship, which sent me in a new direction. And of course, another passion of mine is Waterford and I like to go out here so I wanted to create a solution for Waterford’s nightlife and that’s what led me to create S.C.N.E., which I describe as Waterford’s entertainment companion.”

He added: “Through the app, we’re working directly with and promoting bars, restaurants, leisure venues and other attractions in the city. Each venue has a listing where people can find out information about all the venues in one single swipe. We also have a discount section so venues can promote discount deals and promotions. As well as that, we also have loyalty schemes. For example, you can register for The Reg’s loyalty club within the app and manage it within the app’s wallet. Basically, what we’re trying to do is to create a one-stop shop for Waterford’s nightlife and entertainment. We’re targeting tourists because there are 900 people occupying hotel rooms in Waterford during the height of the tourism season and we want to target them. We want to be the app where people go to find out what’s on in Waterford. Being a student myself, I’ve come to know that students love discounts, especially when it comes to nights out. We’re creating a platform for students to find out what’s on in their area tonight, but also to be rewarded for that through discounts, deals, free entry and things like that.”

When it comes to the local punter, Jordan stated: “It’s all about retaining customers so by introducing the discounts and loyalty schemes, it’s giving local people an incentive to come back but it also shows them what’s on in the area too.”

Once he took up his desk at Boxworks in June, Jordan began developing the S.C.N.E. app in earnest. “It came from an idea that myself and my friends had for promoting DJs – one of them is a DJ – and he wanted to create a platform for promoting DJs so expanding that idea to promote events and venues felt like a natural extension. It felt like a good idea to me, and when I tapped into Jim (Flash) Gordon’s know-how and connections, doors opened for me when it came to the app – even though I still had to literally knock on doors too! Jim’s input really gave me a stamp of approval from the city’s night time economy and it’s allowed me to promote programmes being run by the Purple Flag (movement) such as the ‘Ask for Angela’ safety initiative and the ‘Safe Home’ scheme with Rapid Cabs.”

The initial feedback to S.C.N.E. has been promising, with 11 partners backing the app’s recently held launch at Boxworks. Those promoting their events via the app are paying a monthly subscription and Jordan hopes that broadening the app’s customer base may catch the eyes of entertainment and hospitality providers across the country.

“Yeah, definitely but our focus for now is on Waterford and developing the app in relation to the city. But when the time comes, expansion would be on the cards. The app works on geo-location so if I’m in Waterford, it will send users to the Waterford version of the app and as we expand to other towns and cities, then the app will change in relation to wherever you’re based. It’s not going to be a case of having to create another app to make this happen, it’s all built now. But kicking this off in Waterford was a must for me and depending on how well it will go here, hopefully, in time, we’ll be expanding.” For more details, visit      

Jordan Casey, pictured at Boxworks for the launch of his S.C.N.E. city nightlife and entertainment app. Photos: John Power

Pictured at ‘The Future of Hospitality’ evening held at Boxworks on July 18 were Kieran Bolger (CEO, Crackerjack), Jim ‘Flash’ Gordon (Director, Boxworks) and Jordan Casey (S.C.N.E).  

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