Monday, September 02, 2019

weekly column by fitness experts Adam Wright and Jacqui Watson for the Waterford News & Star, in association with Kingfisher Fitness Club

SO, another September is around the corner, and here we go again. The kids are back to school, and the routine for the next 10 months is about to resume. And what will your routine be? Not decided yet?

This week I want to help you get off to the best start you can this September with your health and fitness routine that won’t affect family life or interfere with work. How is that even possible you say?

Continuing to read this article is the first step in getting started with your new healthy lifestyle, so well done!

The most important part of any routine is the decision to do so, and once a routine is set out you will follow it. Write it down, pop it on the fridge and away you go! Easier said than done? Absolutely, but it’s a start.

September is a month that we all throw ourselves into, it comes in fast and hard in the end, and all of a sudden, the mornings are darker, the evenings are darker, the weather is wetter and the kids are back in school. The rat race is on. So, to keep you in check and motivated this autumn, I am going to give a few tips I find very useful in keeping me on track with my health and fitness. From my exercise routine, to my nutrition, my family and friends and of course work, and everything in between.

I begin with a blank piece of paper and on it write the following two headings:

  1. Workouts
  2. Nutrition

As you can see this seems simple? Two words, two things I need to do in a week, and do right. One week is 168 hours, per day you need to give one hour in 24 to exercise, that 4% of your day! And not every day, pick three or four days you want to dedicate to your workouts. Fit it in with your work/family schedule, write it down and there you go, before you know it you have three workouts planned for the week, everyone knows when it is, your half way there! All you must do now is go. So, decide in advance what workouts you’re going to do, hit the gym, attend a class, get out for a run or on the bike, whatever it is you do, commit. Look up your gyms class timetable online and see what there is to offer, and mix it up, try something new, you might surprise yourself. Maybe arrange to go with a friend, this always helps if you feel a little nervous and it also reduces the risk of you maybe not going or cancelling.

With your nutrition I find the best way of staying on track is one word; preparation. On Monday morning I hit the supermarket with my shopping list I sat down and wrote out Sunday night. I plan my meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week, along with fruits I like to eat and healthy snacks, as I find if I don’t have the junk in my house, I don’t eat it. And there you go, before you know it, it’s Thursday and you have possibly exercised twice already in the week and you have eaten healthily all week and you will feel amazing. This feeling will keep you motivated for the rest of the week and you will find after a couple of weeks you will be excited about hitting the supermarket on a Monday to get all your healthy food in and you will feel psyched up about your workout that evening. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, bring it back to basics, and maybe look online for recipes you can follow, and one this is for sure, it’s definitely not boring.

Check back again in two weeks for more from me, in the meantime feel free to get in touch via Instagram @jacquispilatesfitness

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By Jacqui Watson
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