Thursday, September 26, 2019

Council can’t wave ‘magic wand’ at Carrickphieirish

CITY & County Council Senior Executive Officer Joe O’Sullivan told last Monday’s Metropolitan District meeting that issues regarding Council-owned lands at Carrickphierish have been “ongoing for a long period of time”.

Replying to a query from Fine Gael Cllr John Cummins, Mr O’Sullivan said “various steps had been taken in conjunction with Property Management (regarding Carrickphierish) over the years. Some of this was dealt with last week by (Housing Director) Ivan (Grimes) and I have nothing to add to that. I take on board what the Council are saying but I don’t have any magic wand for it.”

Cllr Cummins, echoing sentiments expressed by Sinn Féin Cllr Jim Griffin in relation to the management of Council-owned lands at Carrickphierish and Kilbarry, claimed: “We’re not doing enough in relation to the Traveller accommodation situation and Travellers taking parts of our land, particularly at Lacken. We know that there’s a significant amount of that land bank that’s going to be developed over the next number of years and we’re not doing enough in terms of looking after our own land bank there.”

Drug litter problem

RE-ITERATING an issue he identified to reporter Darren Skelton in last week’s edition, Fine Gael Councillor John Cummins told last Monday’s Metropolitan District meeting about the “worrying experience” encountered while walking on the river walk between Poleberry and Ursuline Court.

“On an area of land on a grass embankment, there was a significant amount of used needles, spoons, condoms and several other (items of) drug paraphernalia,” he told the meeting.

“I’ve reported it to the (Council’s) Environmental Department and to the Guards but I would be concerned obviously if that sort of behaviour is going on in a public area where the public could come in contact potentially with a used needle.”

In response, Raymond Moloney, Environmental Services, Waterford City & County Council, said the area would be cleaned up and that City Hall was currently liaising with the Drugs Task Force “in relation to ongoing issues with drug litter in the city and county”.

Cracks in Cheekpoint Quay

DAMAGE to the tip or ‘hammer head’ of Cheekpoint Quay was noted at last Monday’s Metropolitan District meeting by Sinn Féin Councillor Pat Fitzgerald.

“It cracked there around six to eight years ago and it really started to deteriorate badly and very quickly,” he said.

“The Council did some very good work trying to keep it together but in the last six months or so the cracks have started to widen again and we’re starting to get worried. On top of that, the top of the quay needs to be looked at by an engineer.”

City & County Council District Engineer Conor O’Neill said a consultant has been “on board” regarding Cheekpoint Quay and has installed monitors to check the cracks. They are due to visit Cheekpoint in the coming weeks to assess the level of deterioration. A design for repairs will be made in due course with a funding application likely next year “depending on how bad it’s got”.

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