Tuesday, November 05, 2019

THE speed limit for the N25 running through the problematic Carroll’s Cross junction is not within the City & County Council’s gift to reduce, Comeragh District Councillors were reminded of at their October meeting.

Fianna Fáil Councillor John O’Leary, referring to the recent and extensive roadworks on the N25, stated: “I did see that there was a temporary speed limit of 60 kilometres per hour put in place during those works. Now I don’t know how long it will take Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) to respond to Waterford Council in relation to the N25 but while that due process is taking place I’m asking for the implementation on the approach to Carroll’s Cross on all sides of a temporary speed limit.”

In response, Senior Engineer Gabriel Hynes said: “I have advised you already, we have a process in place, we’re evaluating the previous accident history, we’re looking at the existing geometry, we’re looking at the speeds and we’re looking at what engineering measures may be appropriate at that location. That’s currently being carried out and will be submitted to the TII before the end of the year for their approval and consideration.”

He continued: “In relation to speed limit reductions, certainly we can reduce speed limits in relation to construction works, which we did in relation to the N25 between Lemybrien and the top of Pike Hill. That was a part of construction (works) in the interest of safety of the road users and construction workers. In relation to a temporary speed limit reduction at Carroll’s Cross, that’s certainly not within our remit; it would need the approval of the TII.

“Rather than having, I suppose, a kneejerk reaction, the appropriate way to deal with this is the way that it’s been done nationally: you do your evaluation, you bring that evaluation to the TII for their consideration and approval, that’s what we’re doing and that’s the correct process.”

Hopes for a prompt remedy at Carroll’s Cross should be tempered by the years-old campaign across the Suir to see the N24 Tower Road junction at Piltown, South Kilkenny successfully modified.

Kilkenny County Council is to improve safety measures at the Tower Road junction, including a nearby overbridge (an objective of the current Kilkenny Development Plan) and the creation of a ‘two plus two’ carriageway for 1.8 kilometres.

As Mr Hynes reminded Councillors: “While we’re the statutory body for roads, TII approve and fund all measures on the National Primary and National Secondary network.” When asked by Sinn Féin Cllr Declan Clune as to when the Council will receive feedback from the TII, Gabriel Hynes replied: “I would imagine that process, hopefully, would be a short timeframe, but that’s a matter for the TII.”

The speed limit on all national roads, including the N25 at Carroll’s Cross, is within the remit of Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII).

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