Thursday, February 20, 2020

Council carrying out CPOs

IN compliance with the Council’s Vacant Homes Action Plan, Waterford City & County Council remains engaged in a programme geared to tackle property vacancy. At present, according to the Council’s January Management Report, it’s currently involved in 16 Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs), 14 of which have been confirmed by An Bord Pleanála. “These properties have all been identified as vacant, in private ownership and are located countywide. It is proposed to extend the initiative to reduce vacancy to all areas of the county.”

Public lighting specifications

A NEW public lighting specification has been completed for Waterford, including LED lighting with dimming profiles in new housing estates, according to the Council’s Management Report, with documents being tendered for the retro fitting of 16,000 public lights across the city and county. This is set to be advertised in March as part of a tender “for counties within the southern region”. Retrofit works are set to begin later this year following the completion of the tender process.

Legal action on litter pollution

TWO separate legal actions are currently being pursued by Warerford City & County Council under the 1997 Litter Pollution Acts. According to its January Management Report, during the first month of the year, a total of 41 on the spot littler fines were issued and are currently pending payment or prosecution while six on the spot litter fines (including fines from previous years) were paid. Between January 1 and 20, a total of 308 complaints were made to the Council under the 1996 Waste Management Acts, with 17 Abandoned Vehicle Notices issued. Just one Section 55 Statutory Notice, which asked for waste to be removed within a two-week period, was issued by the Council during January.

A busy month in our libraries

DURING January, a total of 47,246 people visited libraries throughout Waterford City and County, with 45,913 items borrowed during the month. Active membership of Waterford’s Library Service last month came to 20,513. A total of 388 activities and events were held in Waterford’s libraries during January. A Library Open Day will be held in Waterford on February 29.

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