Wednesday, March 18, 2020

WATERFORD Musical Society’s production of ‘My Fair Lady’, which was due to be staged in May, has been cancelled. The group issued the below statement:


It is with a heavy heart that Waterford Musical Society have to announce the cancellation of this years production of my My Fair Lady. The unprecedented position we and so many like us now find ourselves in because of the current global pandemic, means we will be putting the welfare and safety of our cast, crew, production team and you our audience, first and foremost . Unfortunately we are not in a position to reschedule in this current calendar year. With the help of the team at the Theatre Royal, we have explored every possible avenue to take My Fair Lady to the stage in 2020 but sadly, it is not to be . We will have our 2021 show dates for you later this week and we will still proudly perform My Fair Lady. This is a huge blow to our hard working theatre family who are beyond devastated but in the greater scheme of things, this is the correct and only choice to make. We are not however looking for a dig out but would kindly ask you to consider transferring your current purchased tickets, to the new date! Over 40 musical societies throughout Ireland and the South East have had to cancel upcoming shows, so we are not alone in our efforts or indeed our huge disappointment. We wish all those societies the very best for a bright and successful future. Huge thanks to our cast who have been working tirelessly at rehearsals since January and to those working in the background on our committee & production teams since before Christmas. To our sponsors and supporters and local media, thank you sincerely and stay safe . However all is not lost! We are a positive bunch at WMS with plenty of drive, dedication and ambition and we will come back next year even bigger, brighter and better ! We hope everyone involved both on and off the stage, their families and all the people of Waterford especially the vulnerable, stay strong, safe and healthy .

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