Monday, March 23, 2020


FOLLOWING on from the Covid-19 Test Centre that opened in Kilcohan last week, the next centre, which will be facilitated by Public Health Staff and managed by Army personnel, will be located at WIT Arena. As these images reveal, the army have been extremely active on the site all day today (March 23) in order to have the centre ready to open as soon as possible.

In tomorrow’s edition of the Waterford News & Star, UHW consultants warn of a “significant spike” in Covid-19 cases in Waterford in the coming weeks, as testing has been limited recently due to a shortage of testing supplies. The next update from the Department of Health (scheduled for 5:45pm) is expected to reveal a marked increase in numbers across the country, and on Waterford’s current total of 9.

In a statement about the test centre, which is being operated in partnership with UPMC and under the direction of the HSE, WIT said that they were “proud to be able to be part of the national response to this pandemic”.

“In these extraordinary times we must all play our part and we are comforted that we can make a contribution in this way,” a WIT spokesperson said. “To ensure patient confidentiality and public confidence in the process, media and the general public must stay away from testing facilities including the WIT Arena.”


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