Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hi All. Keith Barry here. As a student of human behaviour I’ve discovered we are all far more alike than we are different. Regardless of whether you’re a rugby star, jobless or a corporate executive we are all pattern followers and pattern seekers. In order for us to beat the coronavirus we need to break our normal behaviour patterns and form new patterns that will help us win! We need to ensure our kids are informed about the virus and insist they follow the current protocol, which is a recommended two metre distance from others, washing our hands regularly for 20 seconds or more and avoid touching our faces. Whilst we are in semi-lockdown use the time to form new behaviour patterns. You have ZERO reason to be bored! Take up reading, learn the Harmonica, take up gardening, spend quality time with your family – these are the things I am doing but there are literally thousands of interesting things we can all still be doing. Take the virus seriously or we will be in full lockdown mode – and reorganise your mind to wake up daily with gratitude and a positive mindset for the day ahead. Follow me on facebook KeithBarryOfficial for fun videos and interesting content during this time! KB”

Keith Barry, mentalist, magician, subconscious mind specialist… and proud Waterfordian!

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By Keith Barry
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