Tuesday, March 31, 2020

LOCAL man, Keith Daniels, of Badass Catering and ‘Chingon’ Tex Mex food stalls has donated 10,000 pairs of rubber gloves to frontline staff in University Hospital Waterford.¬† His response to levels of PPE running low across the country was to look at what he could spare within his own stock, and to offer a substantial 10,000 pairs of rubber gloves to UHW staff.


“Like many of us we are looking at the news each day in various formats¬† and seeing the outstanding job all our front line workers are doing during this terrible time, how they risk their own lives helping people and the sacrifices they are making like keeping away from their own family in case they spread the Covid-19 virus.”

The Chingon Tex Mex front man extended his thanks to Annette Furlong from Chef’s House in Waterford, who gave him gloves when he was starting his business. Donating to UHW is his way of ‘paying it forward’ and of offering thanks to those who are on the front-line every single day risking their lives for Waterford’s loved ones.

“The appreciation of the nurses when I brought them out will stay with me forever,” he said. With events cancelled across the country, business has come to a stand still for Badass Catering. This grinding to a halt of the normal way of life highlighted to Keith the importance of what was at stake, and he made the decision to donate 10,000 gloves to nurses in UHW.

This gesture comes at a very welcome time, when stocks are arriving daily from China and when all supplies are in high demand and necessity.


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