Wednesday, April 01, 2020

RESPECTING physical distance, more people are taking to Tinder to further their opportunities for romance. People are choosing to stay at home, and with the pubs and restaurants closed, a 12% increase in daily Tinder conversations is being seen around Ireland.

Interestingly, our chat up lines have changed since the onset of Covid-19, instead of opening up a conversation with ‘Hello’, ‘Are you okay?’ features much more frequently.

Top of the list for conversation content is the topic of toilet paper, meaning Ireland’s singles are quite literally bonding over toilet paper.

We are reaching out more and profiles are changing, with common terms on a bio reading: ‘stay home, be safe, social distance.’

A new feature was added by Tinder, to encourage people to stay at home and increase their virtual contact. The Passport feature allows users to check in on loved ones or friends in other countries around the world.

This has been encouraging users to find a multi-purpose use for Tinder: virtual dating and virtual connection with loved ones. The pressure of staying at home can cause real difficulties for those who crave social connections and the routine of daily life. Tinder has harnessed the threat posed by these difficulties and has offered a solution by extending their reach.

As a country, we are using more words like ‘feeling’ and ‘care’ in our bios and conversations than we did previously. The virus, with its impact on businesses and social interaction, has left us with a desire to connect on more than just a physical level. These statistics show a desire to emotionally engage.

Conversations with other users are at an all-time high, with daily conversations lasting for an average of 8% longer than normal.

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