Wednesday, May 06, 2020

A NEW web resource has been launched by Waterford Council and partners to bring all the current and emerging supports for Waterford businesses onto a single digital platform during this Covid-19 crisis.

The Waterford Business Supports Hub is part of an ongoing collaboration between Waterford City and County Council, Waterford Chamber, Dungarvan and West Waterford Chamber, Waterford Business Group, Waterford Local Enterprise Office and Enterprise Ireland,

The whole idea behind it is that Waterford businesses, seeking guidance, will need to access just one primary local resource. This resource, in turn, will have summaries of the main national supports as well as appropriate links and signposting when required.

Director of Services for Economic Development, Michael Quinn says: “It is only through a real commitment to working together that we can ensure that Waterford’s business interests are best served during this crisis and, more particularly, in its aftermath.”

Chamber CEOs, Gerald Hurley (Waterford) and Jenny Beresford (Dungarvan & West Waterford) urged their members to not alone exploit the new resource but to influence its further development. In a joint statement, they said: “The Chambers value this partnership and project, having a local online Business Hub eliminates unnecessary time wasting and encourages a stronger  connection with other stakeholders. Collaboration is paramount at this time to ensure a cross county recovery.” Likewise Richie Walsh, Head of Enterprise with LEO Waterford said: “This platform has been devised so as to ensure that Waterford businesses have the very best of access to clear, concise information and guidance. Please use it.” Says Michael Garland, head of the Waterford Business Group: “Information is key to our joint recovery and having one website where all the information is available for business will put us ahead of the game.”

So, there is indeed an overriding message emerging which will drive Waterford’s business recovery in the months ahead and it is this – “Together Waterford Is Stronger”.  In the meantime, if you’re in business in Waterford, please check out the new Waterford Business Support Hub at

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