Saturday, May 23, 2020

My editorial assistants taking time out.

Tuesday, May 12, 11:52pm: I complete another 5k run on my loop in 28 minutes flat, passing a total of six pedestrians on the circuit. “Running allows me to set my mind free,” said Olympian Kara Goucher. “Nothing seems impossible. Nothing attainable.” I’m not quite in sync with the second half of that quote given my modest level of athletic ambition, but the fact that I’m truly enjoying running again is as relieving as it is pleasing.”

Wednesday, May 13, 8:15pm-11:07pm: I spend another evening procrastinating over my latest diary entry and then have to file a piece about the late Mrs Pamela Jephson, the co-founder of Ardkeen Quality Food Store who died on Sunday last. The Jephsons are commercial trailblazers and they should take enormous pride in the business they’ve built and the esteem in which their enterprise is held in. That affection has been well earned. May she rest in peace.

Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, stars of the 1992 US Olympic ‘Dream Team’.

Thursday, May 14, 4:45-5:45pm: I watch another episode of ‘The Last Dance’, featuring Michael Jordan’s spearheading the Dream Team’s 1992 Olympic Gold medal success and his growing level of imperiousness within the Chicago Bulls. Jordan is completely comfortable with his level of single-minded assholery, clearly the facet which drove him to become basketball’s greatest ever exponent. I’m lapping up the 90s nostalgia and can’t wait to take in more of the show over the next week.

Visiting Dunmore East has felt like a novelty in recent months.

Friday, May 15, 3:12pm-3:47pm: I drive to Dunmore East to see the anchored ‘Sarah M’ livestock ship in the Estuary. I walk to the Shanoon Car Park so that I can get a better look at the vessel moored between here and the Hook Head Lighthouse. Before returning to my car, the words inscribed on a memorial stone seat above the footpath sing to me: “To live in hearts we leave behind us is not to die.” That message, etched in honour of the late Noel Allen, is the most beautiful text I shall read between now and bedtime. It might be the most wonderful thing I’ve read since our reality was suspended.

Silage cutting season is upon us.

Saturday, May 16, 11:06am: It’s a glorious morning and there’s silage being cut just down the road from us. Now I’ve no idea about the age of the tractor driver whose silage trailer took out a good chunk of the bridge yesterday in the Kilkenny village of Kells when it tipped over – and it doesn’t really matter either, let’s face it. Thankfully, no-one was hurt on a stretch of road I know well – I used to drive through Kells every second Friday for almost five years – and it’s a beautiful spot, a real hidden treasure in South Kilkenny. But anyone ferrying silage from point A to point B would do everyone a favour this summer by simply slowing down. I know these lads have an important job to do over extremely lengthy days but the narrow roads many of the rest of us use aren’t exclusive tracks for their use over the next few work-intensive weeks. Just slow down a bit, please.

Sunday, May 17, 9:14am: Brenda Power is on the money in her Sunday Times column in which she writes: “For all of our politicians’ posturing about the importance of free speech, they continue to support the world’s most draconian defamation regime here, where hurt feelings are compensated for more generously than lost limbs. Yet somehow social media platforms, some of which have headquarters in Ireland, escape any repercussions for hosting such vile content. But if Instagram, Twitter and Facebook suddenly found themselves treated like publishers – which is what they are, not billboards – you’d be amazed how quickly they’d develop algorithms to nip racist, sexist and threatening content in the bud.”

Monday, May 18, 12:13am: The distinctive sound of Rescue 117 comes into earshot. R117, Gardaí and the Ambulance Service have been responding to reports of a missing person in the environs of Tramore’s Guillamene. I head for bed hoping for a positive outcome.

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