Saturday, May 23, 2020

Nearly all businesses have been forced to adapt during the current Covid-19 Pandemic and local security firm, Vitas Security, is no exception.

‘Our normal business is primarily in intruder alarms, CCTV,access control etc but since Covid-19 has hit us, we’re spending a lot more time surveying and fitting systems for temperature screening, people counting, pedestrian barriers and the likes,” says owner Andy Barry.

“Just this week we have been asked to liaise with government bodies on recommendation’s and systems as to how members of the public could gain access to government premises in an orderly and controlled fashion, which will comply with the ongoing government department Covid-19 guidelines, this is something our company is very conscious about in all our dealings with our present and future contracts we may have. This is something we can implement across all businesses from retail, schools and factories.

“Of course we supply all security systems for private houses too, as well as shops, factories and all other sorts of businesses. If you have any security queries, just give us a call. We’re here to help.”

With over ten years experience and with a reputation for providing high quality, bespoke, security solutions across Ireland, Waterford City based Vitas Security is committed to providing personalised, tailored and professional solutions to protect your people, property and assets.

Whether your building has successfully used the same access control system for years, you’re considering implementing a system or there’s been an event, like Covid-19, that warrants a change, now is the right time to evaluate your access control system and procedures. If you don’t have any in place, consider making it a part of your security plan.
One of the units that Vitas Security provide has facial recognition, palm print recognition, temperature detection and mask detection. The unit can be used as a standalone device or can be incorporated into your existing access control.

Another aspect of the Covid-19 guidelines where Vitas Security can help is with regards to the retail sector. Retailers and supermarkets have introduced new “one-in-one-out” rules designed to enforce social distancing and limit the spread of the Coronavirus. IoT and people counting technology can be used to automate the process of one-in-one-out, therefore, reducing cost and improving safety.
This technology allows you to:
a) use sensors to count people entering and leaving your store or building;
b) use the system to programme your limits (i.e. 100 allowed in the store);
c) provide automated prompts when people are permitted to enter.
Vitas Security supply and install systems to your unique requirements giving you, your staff and customers peace of mind knowing they are in a safe environment.

Temperature testing of customers and employees also forms part of the current and upcoming Government guidelines and Vitas Security’s Body temperature detection systems are accurate to within 0.3° allow businesses to identify employees, customers or visitors that may bring infection into the workplace and the wider workforce. Fever detection systems enable you to isolate potential carriers, thereby safeguarding your teams and business.

If your business is looking to safeguard you, your staff and your customers or have some home security queries then why not give Vitas Security a call on 086- 8494275. By email to [email protected] or check them out on Facebook at Vitas Security or their website at

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