Wednesday, June 03, 2020

FOLLOWING the lifting of the first phase of public health restrictions, Waterford City and County Council staff has been able to return to their outdoor, road and maintenance duties making lost time up.

The annual Road Works Programme recommenced in the Comeragh and Metropolitan areas through the Council’s direct labour crews and external contractors. In the lead up to this extensive preparatory work was undertaken including Covid 19 specific risk assessments, revised work practises, staff training and compliance monitoring.

As a consequence, seven weeks were lost from the programme, making the completion of the full planned programme a challenge.

However, it is the Council’s ambition to get all of the planned works, including safety schemes, national roads projects etc., completed before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the Council’s presentation teams resumed full-time work in a number of areas that were previously restricted.

“There has been considerable grass growth in all areas over the past two months and it will take a number of ‘cuts’ to get things back in shape but we are aiming to have all of this done and be back on programme by June 8,” the Council said in a briefing document.

Preparations are also under way for the summer floral planting programme in the urban areas, which is also expected to be complete by June 8.

Even though playgrounds remain closed to the public until June 29, maintenance work is being carried out, with a full wash and clean of all the Council’s playgrounds expected in the week prior to re-opening.

Social distancing at the People’s Park. Photo: Joe Evans

Reduced levels of traffic and footfall has resulted in the street cleaning and litter bin servicing regimes in the three urban areas being reduced to a ‘weekend’ service, until such time that footfall increases.

Civic amenity sites are still operational, while the Waste Enforcement team is continuing to tackle illegal dumping.

Routine water supply and waste water operational and maintenance services have continued to be delivered throughout the pandemic

The Council is also preparing to re-open public toilets in the beach resorts over the coming weeks.

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