Thursday, June 25, 2020

WATERFORD Council have given their backing to a substantial afforestation plan for public lands banks, which are currently unused on the outskirts of Waterford city.
While unused land is, by and large, empty for the purposes of future development, Cllr. Eamon Quinlan (FF) suggested that large numbers of trees be planted, given that there are no developments expected in the near future on these empty public lands.
“By essentially running a project of pop-up forests, the public is getting more bang for their buck, while adding to Waterford’s local flora and fauna habitats.’
Cllr. Quinlan continued, voicing his disapproval on illegal tree felling in recent months in Waterford.
The plan is however, still to use these lands for housing or other developments to benefit the urban area, which means that these trees would be incorporated into future developments.
The completed developments would provide a ‘green belt’ around the city, with the aim of promoting biodiversity, and reducing the sight of vacant sites.
Tidy Towns, Community Groups or individual locals who would be interested in seeing lands in their area being redeveloped as such, are asked to contact Waterford Council.
Plans and further discussion are expected to commence after this coming weekend, June 26-29.

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