Thursday, June 25, 2020

Heatons Lisduggan which closes its doors this week.

HEATONS, one of the largest tenants of Lisduggan Shopping Centre will close its doors this weekend, for reasons completely unrelated to covid-19. Speaking to the Waterford News & Star, owner of Lisduggan Shopping Centre, Noel Frisby, said that Heatons, which was recently taken over by Sports Direct, are leaving because their contract runs out on June-30.

“The people behind Sports Direct felt that they were already adequately represented in Waterford with their store in the Hypermarket so they made the decision to close in Lisduggan,” Noel said. “It has nothing to do with covid-19 and is a purely business decision.”

Mr Frisby said that they won’t have any trouble filling the void that will be left by Heatons.

“We’re in talks with a number of big brands at the moment and thankfully we’re in no rush to make a decision,” Noel said. “We’re willing to wait as long as it takes to get the right brand in there. Lisduggan Shopping Centre is thriving at the moment and the footfall is actually back to how it was pre-covid-19. Customers are really responding to the choice of shops and also the free parking. We’re looking at doing a bit of refurbishment over the coming weeks and may consider putting in a medical centre into the shopping centre, which I think will really work with the strong community feel that exists in Lisduggan at the moment. ”

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