Sunday, June 28, 2020

Independent TD Matt Shanahan. Photo: Joe Evans

INDEPENDENT TD Matt Shanahan has responded to online commentators who criticised his vote for new Taoiseach Micheál Martin and the new Government, which was formed yesterday evening.

Commenting under an article on WLRfm’s Facebook page, Deputy Shanahan asked his critics “What have you done of note to improve the lot of people unconnected with you or your family in Waterford?”

“When have you cut across your family life, your private career, your recreation time, impacted your health to pursue an ideal for our county and region and to continue to pursue it?” Deputy Shanahan asked. “I spent significant time over years working behind the scenes to promote Waterford hospital services, to increase patient access, to expand specialty association. I spent my money publishing, advertising and distributing flyers to highlight our cardiac care service, to highlight our resourcing needs and the unfairness that we suffer. I stood outside shopping Centre’s for years, play parks, GAA grounds to engage with people and highlight our situation. I, with support of willing helpers organised demonstrations and rallies to highlight our case. I spent months traveling the roads of Ireland, seeking support, educating people and politicians on our issues. For the majority of people on this thread who are slating me here – I ask you the following? Where were you when you were needed? Where was your commitment of time, effort, your financial resources?”

Here is a sample of some of the comments that Deputy Shanahan was replying to:

“Matt Shanahan’s main issue and argument during the election campaign was 24/7 for Waterford and today he votes Micheal Martin for Taoiseach, who has no intention of delivering 24/7 for Waterford, will continue to feed on scraps as long as we have TDs like Mary Butler Marc Casey and Matt Shanahan who put their party and themselves ahead of the people of Waterford,” said David Power.

“I’m absolutely gutted and I would never have given my vote if I had known he would do this. Disgraceful,” said Maggie Flanagan.

“Well done Matt, I hope the 30 pieces of silver goes a long way. You just ended your career in politics,” said Niall Roche.

Deputy Shanahan went on to call out those who he said “didn’t come out to help him.”

“I never saw you, never did you come to me and say how can we help?” he said. “When I stood in Wexford, Kilkenny, Clonmel over years where were you? When did you approach me once to ask – What can we do to provide help? The Answer was you did nothing, offered nothing, provided nothing, and yet you comment as if you know me – yet I don’t know you because when you were needed you were nowhere to be seen!  You’ll happily wear your keyboards out in slagging people who are trying to create, to improve, to change our city and county for the better. You will happily impugn people trying to improve our long term prosperity solely because your main objectives are only to advance your own political agenda and narrative. For clarity and your information – I have higher ideals!”


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