Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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HI FOLKS. It’s Adam. At the time of writing this we’re a little more than two weeks into phase two. By the time you read it we should be just starting phase three. And we just got word that facilities like the Kingfisher Club are allowed to open from the beginning of phase 3.

As we are getting ever closer to our triumphant return to the gym floor or studios I thought we might talk a little about how to get back into things after a break. Some of you will have been doing a bit all along. Others haven’t, and that’s ok too, we’ve all had a lot on our plate/mind. In either case, let’s talk about it…

If you’ve been on a break…

Now is a great time to start getting ready to return to the gym… even though it isn’t open yet. If you really have been taking a break then for most able bodied people it all starts with walking. Go for a half an hour walk 3-4 days this coming week that you usually wouldn’t go for.

If you’ve been walking, but that’s all, and you plan on returning to group fitness classes or weight lifting when the gyms reopen then you could go a long way towards preparing by using body weight exercises. If you’ve been on a break all this time, you’re likely not going to be able to start back exactly where you left off. You’re going to have lost some strength and conditioning and going straight back to the same workouts you used to do with the same weights will probably result in you being very sore for a long time afterwards and could result in injury. Start with body weight, ramp up slowly, let your body get used to things again bit by bit. Train smart today so you can train tomorrow.

Body weight squats, lunges and split squats will be a good place to start with getting your legs acclimated again. All manner of push ups, rows and pull ups will be a good place to start for your upper body. Walking, jogging, running, skipping or even a few burpees will be a good place to start for fitness and getting ready for classes. And you can start today! Most of what I’ve listed there doesn’t require being in a gym. If you’re interested in home workouts check out my socials @AdamWrightPT

If you’ve been doing a bit…

You might fare a little better. You might not be as sore. You might not need to ramp up as carefully. But I would still advise against jumping straight back to what you used to do. I would often advise using two thirds when a client returns from a break. Two thirds of the reps you’re used to or two thirds of the weight or both. Once you’ve done a workout with one (or both) reduced… and you know you’re ok, you’ve recovered… you could add 10% to either the next week, if you’re feeling good. It won’t take you long to get back to where you were and you’ll do it safely.

For group fitness classes, as above: be conservative with loads, start at about two thirds of previous best or even less if you feel the need. And one class at a time to begin with. There are nasty things that can happen if you push a human body too far too fast. Train smart today so you can train tomorrow.

It’s going to be so good to see you!

As stated, by the time you read this we hopefully won’t be too far away from seeing each other again. I’m really excited! In the meantime I’m running online video classes for Kingfisher club members and my online coaching clients, if you’re interested check our Instagram or Facebook pages @AdamWrightPT or @KingfisherClubWaterford. Have a great week!

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