Tuesday, July 07, 2020

YIPPEE, phase 3 of our country is in full swing now and that means our beautiful country is starting to reopen more and more and we are all becoming more adapted to our new way of life, our new “norm” and with this phase brings about much anticipated news and excitement for anyone working in my field, fitness. Gyms and Leisure Centres have opened back up, yes, under new, stricter schedules and with a lot more rules in place, but we will all get used to this in time, we need to just give it time.

This week I am going to chat about maybe overcoming slight anxiety or worries about getting back to the gym, for a number of reasons, maybe you didn’t keep up the home workouts, and that’s fine, we all had to do whatever we could to survive those challenging times during lockdown, so you may feel nervous about your decreased fitness level?

Well, let me tell you this, we are all in the same boat, from professionals to gym goers, to the swimmers and runners, some aspects of all our training slacked, from maybe our stretching and flexibility due to missing our Pilates classes, or our water fitness due to the restrictions on sea swimming for the most part and what I found personally my own challenge was TIME. When I would have exercised for an hour a day (remember it’s my job to do so, three to four days a week is more than enough) I went to getting 30 minute workouts in.

I felt massive guilt in taking the time as I have a young toddler at home with me and my husband was still out working so I just didn’t have the same time, or felt I didn’t have the time to take for myself.

Also, the intensity, I’d be lying if I said I smashed every workout, some home workouts I abandoned half way through, this would never happen when I was working and teaching classes because I would be leading a room of people so you never slack, you keep going and feeding off the class and their energy really motivates me, so this I missed massively. So please do not worry if you feel less fit or more out of shape than before, we are all fighting the same battle.

Maybe you are nervous about being around people and the spreading of germs after spending so much time in lockdown and at home with just your family. But do not fear, under very outlined guidelines provided to all facilities by Ireland Active and Sport Ireland, all gyms will have strict new protocols upon entry to buildings, what they will be offering and massively improved hygiene procedures. For most, not only will you book your slot for a class but you will also now be booking your gym slot or lane swim slot going forward, which will give you the comfort to know there will be no overcrowding at any stage.

From their end you have nothing to worry about, you just need to make sure you look after your own hand hygiene and wear a mask where possible and feasible to do so, as Covid-19 is not gone but we are keeping it at bay and do need to get back to a way of life somewhat familiar to before, so look after you.

We need to embrace the change and make the most of our new circumstances, it will be great to have an outlet again to exercise, and give yourself that hour in the day to smash it, relieve stress, and get back on track with your fitness journey whatever your personal goal is. I know I cannot wait to get back to the Kingfisher and see my colleagues, have an hour to myself to workout and get back teaching classes, it is what I love to do more than anything and have missed it so much, but we will all take something with us from the past few months, whether it’s the importance of our exercise and gym routine, to the headspace getting to the gym provides, we will all never skip a gym day again that’s for sure!

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