Monday, July 13, 2020

The Irish Property Owners Association (the nationwide association for landlords) has called on Housing Minster Darragh O’Brien not to extend emergency legislation beyond July 20, thus allowing the private rental market to function normally.

According to IPOA Chairman Stephen Faughnan: “The emergency legislation is preventing the normal business of managing property, anti-social tenants are protected, resulting in neighbours and other tenants being distressed and breach of tenants obligations cannot be addressed.”

The IPOA claims the legislation is preventing landlords terminating tenancies and has allowed tenants to remain in accommodation where the tenancy was terminated before the emergency and the tenant had not already left.

“It protects non-paying tenants, anti-social tenants, facilitating overcrowding and partying,” said an IPOA spokesperson. “Properties are sale agreed and possession cannot be sought. It prevents people who came home from abroad including medical workers from returning to their property. The legislation was put in place to restrict movement, but tenants could always terminate tenancies.” Stephen Faughnan concluded: “The country has gone back to work, there is no longer any restrictions on movement, and therefore the emergency measures should not be extended.”

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