Thursday, July 16, 2020

Members of the Tramore Eco Group with their petition for the council to pedestrianise the Lower Prom. Photo: Joe Evans

A PETITION with over 1,400 signatures has been presented to Waterford Council, today, July 16. The petition, which was created by Tramore Eco Group calls for the complete pedestrianisation of the lower promenade in Tramore. The majority of the businesses on the lower prom do not support the petition, however public opinions have been divided on the proposed change of road use.

A counter petition was created by local man, Neill Kelly, whose petition garnered support from over 500 names, all eager to see motorcycle activity preserved on the lower prom, together with vocal support for footfall for businesses.

Following the presentation of the petition, Alicia Anslide from Tramore Eco Group said, “We have been approached by so many people in support, many who have referenced the welcomed break in traffic during the period of road closure. We think this would be great for Tramore.”

The petition states “This area could also then be used for occasional live music, market stalls and other exciting activities – socially distanced, of course at the present.  Tramore is a lovely place to live and this is an opportunity to make Tramore ‘the place to visit’.

Recent weeks have seen the seafront businesses from Moe’s down to McCarthy’s avail of the option of outdoor seating for the summer months. An agreement with Waterford Council has replaced the parking spaces directly outside of the businesses with seating areas. At present, the seating area is separated from the road by orange road cones, however Cllr. Jim Griffin (SF) is working behind the scenes to have more aesthetic planters present instead. The parking areas facing the sea, and the campervan parking spaces, together with spaces reserved for disability parking, have all been maintained.

While these changes are welcomed, Tramore Eco Group have presented the petition to Waterford Council with their belief that a full pedestrianisation plan for the lower promenade will use the full potential of the sea front, for pedestrians and business potential.

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