Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Keith Dunphy

IN the (very) strange times we find ourselves in, artistic and creative professionals have found themselves in an almost “stalemate” position – wanting to move on but with nowhere open to go or to aim toward. This has led to some very sad and difficult-to-hear tales emerging from the arts sector. However, it’s also apparent that the creative spirit often refuses to be dampened…

Garter Lane Arts Centre announced this week that they are welcoming back to Waterford – for a week of development and creative work – actor Keith Dunphy. Well known and loved Waterfordian, Keith, who is no stranger to both stage and screen will be in close constructive company under the mentorship of playwright Gina Moxley, as they take on the creative challenge of immersing themselves in script development. The Script in question has been the creative project of Keith’s for some time now and he is officially taking his first steps into the “making” and writing process. Having spent a lifetime treading the boards and being in front of the camera, Keith is flexing artistic talents and stretching himself even further as he delves into this new realm. The departure is both a learning curve and an exciting opportunity for the actor who is confident that in his bag of tricks he possesses a “great story to tell”. Keith recently said: “I am so happy to be in a position to be heading into a creative process in Waterford, where my passion for the theatre was ignited, and I am really looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me”. For the week (in September) Keith will be accompanied by writer, director, performer, and dramaturg Gina Moxley who is a published author and has ample experience in shaping and crafting for the stage. This exciting developmental week is made possible by the generous support of both the Ted and Mary annual Bursary Award (of which Keith was a recipient in 2020) and Garter Lane Arts Centre.

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