Thursday, July 23, 2020

Waterford nail technicians have united to issue a warning against the use of the MMA bonding agent in nail gel.

“MMA does not soak off using acetone, it does not break easily. Because of this, it is necessary to file the acrylic off, and given that a nail has a very definite number of layers, this can very quickly lead to permanent damage and even severe trauma. Should the nail be caught in anything, the damage suffered along the way from excessive filing and undue strength, can mean a situation where a nail is cracked, the bed is damaged, or the actual damage to the tip of the finger. ”

This warning comes in light of today’s events, where a Wexford woman has taken to social media to share her horrifying experience regarding an acrylic nail application.

“I attended my appointment on July 8, in the same place I always go. Almost two weeks later, my acrylics had all come off, with the exception of two. Following a fall, my acrylic nail dislodged, but when I fell, the nail pulled away all of the skin from my finger and I was left with no nail bed, with the tip of the finger completely gone, and the bone exposed.”

The woman was transferred to a plastic surgery unit, but there was no possible way to reattach the finger. The woman believes that the use of MMA in the product caused the gradual breakdown of her nail, and resulted in the acrylic being fused to the skin.

She appealed to members of the public to, “be mindful that you get what you pay for. It is worth paying an extra 10 or 20 euro to be guaranteed safe products.”

MMA acrylic monomers ( the liquid mixed with the powder to create the acrylic mass) were originally designed for use in the dental and medical industry. In the use of acrylic nail enhancements, MMA is not compatible. While not illegal, many salons will not use any products containing MMA as an ingredient in their formulas.  This leaves some uncertainty for consumers and salon owners in Ireland or the U.K.

MMA as a formula is cheaper than its EMA (safer) equivalent, allowing the salon to offer low prices, which generate strong interest. Local nail technicians have asked the public to be aware of low prices, and to query formulas and ingredients if they are in any way unsure.

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