Wednesday, August 05, 2020

There were 407 sex-offenders supervised in the community last year by the Probation Service

There was 103 people who were sentenced to life in jail that were also supervised in the community, after they were released from prison.

These details come from the Probation Service’s 2019 annual report.

Noeline Blackwell, from the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, says it is not alarming over 400 sex-offenders were under supervision in the community last year.

“I think it is something that is quite reassuring for people is that there is this provision that can be exercised by a judge to arrange for post sentenced supervision.

“The fact that there is supervision post release allows for the community and society to keep a watchful eye while a person adapts to life post sentence.”

Safer communities

Speaking about the report, Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee welcomed the publication of the Probation Service Annual Report 2019:

“The Probation Service is an important agency of the department, committed to achieving the high-level goals of the department in working to reduce crime levels through offender rehabilitation, with a view to creating safer communities and fewer victims.

“During 2019, the service made excellent progress on its’ strategic commitments across all aspects of the organisation.

In 2019, 16,607 offenders were referred from the courts nationwide and dealt with in the community.

“Over 12,500 probation reports and over 3,500 community service assessments were completed.

“The 2,791 community service orders for 2019 totals 379,815 hours work in lieu of 1,247 years in prison. This equates to over €3.5m worth of unpaid work for the benefit of communities nationwide,” she said.

A copy of the Probation Service Annual Report for 2019 is available here.

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