Thursday, August 06, 2020

Dear Editor

The amount of dog thefts and cruelty that is being reported around the country at present is frightening.

But the more media coverage this issue gets, the more chance there is that the powers that be might actually do something about it by introducing harsher sanctions for those involved.

I believe that any website or social media outlet that allows animal sales must introduce stronger vetting policies where the seller and buyer must produce official ID of some kind in an effort to weed out the fake sellers and buyers.

We also need to educate those who wish to purchase a dog or pet to follow these guidelines and to simply walk away from such vendors if they cannot fulfil the following guidelines:

1: Always view the home where the animal is being purchased and never on the side of the road.

2: Make sure you can see the sire (father) and dam (mother) of the pup being purchased.

3: A full veterinary signed and stamped vaccination card in addition to the dog’s licence and proof of its microchipping.

If someone is unwilling to meet these criteria, then walk away – but report the vendor to Gardaí as soon as you can, recording what details you can when it comes to identifying them.

If we can halt illegal dog sales online via sites that do not have adequate safety vetting in place, then we must do what we can to curb the worst excesses of these ruthless criminals who are trading in dogs for profit.

Yours Faithfully, John Kelly, Kilnagrange, Kilmacthomas, Co Waterford

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