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Edel Fox

EDEL Fox (34) is a musician and freelance TV producer from Co. Clare, living in Ferrybank since 2012. She is married to Waterford man Neill Byrne and they have two girls Fiadh (9 months) and Aedín (4). 

Life in a Day

THERE are two types of typical days in my life, with the main difference being how early I wake up in the morning! A good morning starts like this – I wake at 6/6.30am and try to do a work out before the rest of the house comes alive but unfortunately this is rare. Mostly, I drag myself out of bed late, tearing around the house, getting myself ready in a rush and arranging the girls for the childminder. I then get into work – I recently moved into the co-working office Boxworks on Patrick Street – but not before visiting George in Arch Coffee for my all-important morning cuppa! As a TV producer, my day can be quite varied. I work across a number of TV productions at any one time so I could be writing a proposal for a deadline, as well as arranging an upcoming shoot for another production, doing phone and zoom meetings, co-ordinating for an edit, etc. It’s all go. I then collect my girls in the evening before getting home, putting on dinner, getting out for a walk with the dog and if we are lucky, me and my husband Neill might finally get to speak to each other for 30 minutes before bed! On less hectic days, we might find time to play a few tunes at home together – I play concertina and Neill is a fiddle player. Sadly, however, this doesn’t happen much these days!

What brought you to Waterford?

Neill is a proud Déise man and he dragged me down here kicking and screaming eight years ago! Ah no, I arrived (of my own free will) in 2012 when I applied to do the H.Dip in Television Production in WIT/Nemeton. It was a very happy and convenient coincidence that he lived here also. We met in 2010 at the Willie Clancy Summer School in my hometown of Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare and I could never have imagined at the time that I would end up moving to the sunny South East but I absolutely love it down here.

What advice would you give your 15-year-old self?

I would tell myself to stop being so bothered by other people’s perceptions and thoughts about what I do, and how I do it. Over the years, this has definitely been a learning curve and I feel that at 34 years old, I now do things based on what my own wishes and desires are. I am finally in a place where I feel content – I love being a mother to Aedín and Fiadh and I love my job. 

How do you relax?

We have a 3rd child – our labradoodle Elmo. When I can escape, he and I head out for a long walk and I throw on the headphones and listen to a great podcast. This is my meditation.

What is your favourite film and piece of music?

Film-wise, pretty much anything that Tom Hanks is in! Love him. I must admit though, “Toy Story” is about the only Tom Hanks movie that I get to watch these days. In terms of a piece of music, I have tried to choose something that has stayed with me consistently over the years and it would have to be a particular version of the great folk song “Anachie Gordon” recorded by Mary Black in the 1980s.

When was the last time you cried?

This is a funny question because I cry a lot – I am a teary person! I feel things very deeply and this includes happy moments. It is a joke at home in our house because I would even cry watching a TV ad if it was emotive in any way. I blame my mammy for this trait! I am unable to tell any sort of an emotional story these days without getting a lump in my throat… This can be slightly embarrassing in a work situation!

What has been your happiest moment of recent times?

This year has been a very mixed bag – Fiadh was born in October 2019 and I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer two months prior to this in August. I went on to have a number of surgeries after Fiadh’s arrival, ending with a mastectomy and reconstruction in February of this year. I was given the all-clear by my wonderful consultant Mr. Seamus Murphy on February 26 and I can safely say that this was one of the happiest days of my life – I could finally breathe again and enjoy my children and my life. Nothing will ever compare to the relief that me and my family experienced on that day. That period of my life has changed me forever, and I now feel like I know what a really happy day feels like.

Do you pray?

Yes. I always have. I am not necessarily a devout Catholic, but I have strong Christian beliefs and turn to prayer quite a lot. I mostly pray to loved ones that have passed on, asking for help and support when it is needed

What is your biggest fear?

A global pandemic and being locked up at home for fear of catching the virus… Oh, hang on a second…!

What is your most treasured possession?

My 1890’s Jeffries concertina. I have had it since I was 15 years old and in terms of a material possession that would need to be saved in the event of a fire, this would be it. Obviously, I would rescue the kids too. Oh, and the dog of course. 

What is your favourite thing about living in Waterford?

The balance between feeling as though you have a ‘city’ life, with access to so many services nearby, but also living so close to the sea and rural Ireland. As a country girl from the West of Ireland, I love our home up the Rockshire Hill in Ferrybank with cattle down the road in one direction from the house, and Penney’s in the other!

If you could change one thing about Waterford, what would it be?

Its proximity to Co. Clare! I love living in the Déise and I love going home to Clare as much as I can but WHY is there no motorway!?!

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