Monday, September 07, 2020

Dr. Dermot Nolan from Tramore Medical Clinic is confident of the positive impacts of the smoky coal ban

SMOKY coal is now banned in Tramore since September 1, with Minister Eamon Ryan stating “banning smoky coal saves lives.” This statement was supported by Tramore GP, Dr. Dermot Nolan who runs an asthma clinic in Tramore and works closely with the Asthma Society of Ireland.

Speaking to this newspaper, Dr, Nolan welcomed the ban on smoky coal, calling it a “timely decision” as our health system juggles the presence of Coronavirus ahead of the annual flu season. Traditionally heading into winter when people begin to light their fires more, the numbers attending their GP soar. Lighting fires creates an overhanging smog in towns, and in a town of Tramore’s size, this means a damaging impact on lung function and capacity.

Dr. Nolan said, “This is so welcomed and very timely as we head into flu season. We expect to see a direct reduction on patients presenting with asthma, lung and chest issues. We have already seen the hugely positive results from the smoky coal ban in other towns and it is extremely positive to see it be introduced in Tramore.”

Smokeless coal can be used in open fires, as well as stoves and is available to buy in all fuel merchants.

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