Thursday, September 10, 2020

The cath lab at UPMC Whitfield which was being used while the one at UHW was being upgraded.

THE sole cath lab at University Hospital, currently providing cardiac services to over 500,000 people from 9-5 Monday to Friday (because as we all know, people don’t have heart attacks at the weekend), reopened on Wednesday, September 9 after being closed for over a year.

According to the hospital, the lab was closed to allow for “equipment upgrade and refurbishment to accommodate the new equipment together with some enhanced storage”. While the lab was closed, the UHW cardiology team, as well as the ongoing patient list, were transferred to UPMC Whitfield who had built a cath lab from scratch in a fraction of the time it took UHW to simply upgrade their one. The cardiology team moved back this week and normal, 9-5 service, has now resumed. 

With regard to the building of the second cath lab, the Waterford News & Star understands that this has been delayed for an indeterminate amount of time “due to covid-19 related funding issues”.

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