Tuesday, September 15, 2020

NOW that September has arrived it is the landowner’s or occupier’s responsibility to make sure that roadside hedges are maintained during the current cutting season.

According to Waterford City and County Council, owners or occupiers of land are obliged under the Roads Act, 1993, to take all necessary care to ensure that trees, shrubs, hedges or any other vegetation on their land is not, or could not be, a danger to those using a public road or to somebody carrying out maintenance or improvement work on the road.

Trimming of roadside hedges can take place from now until February. In accordance with the Wildlife Act 2000 this period is deemed most suitable to have minimum wildlife disturbance.

In the interest of road safety it is essential that all necessary work is carried out immediately and must be complete by the first day in March. Where a landowner/occupier fails to meet his/her obligations under the Roads Act 1993, Waterford City and County Council will take whatever action is necessary to ensure public safety including prosecution.

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