Friday, October 09, 2020

THERE was an increase in the number of fines paid by people who parked or stopped in disabled parking spaces without a permit in Ireland in 2019. There were 300 more people fined in 2019 than in 2018. The figures for Waterford for 2019 were 123 offences totaling a sum of €20,515 in fines. According to the Freedom of Information figures and an article by Waterford News & Star’s correspondent Terrie Burke, the fines amounted to nearly €471,000 in Ireland in 2019.  John Dolan, CEO of the Disability Federation of Ireland, said people should have more regard for those with disabilities.

Mr Dolan said: “That kind of Covid annoyance that people are feeling now; that is an everyday event for somebody with a disability who is trying to park and needs the disabled parking space,” he said. “Covid or no Covid, to find that spaces are being used by people who are not entitled to use them is just such a frustration’.

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