Sunday, October 11, 2020

The new swab which will be used for testing from Monday, October 12

THE HSE is introducing a new Covid-19 swab testing kit this Monday, October 12, which they say will “improve safety and reduce test turnaround times”.

The current laboratory testing process is approximately 10 hours, while the new lysis swab testing process is expected to reduce times by approximately 3.5 hours.

A HSE representative said that while the changes to the testing process will be minimal, the benefits for laboratory processing and patients will be “significant” with increased testing capacity, improved turnaround times and enhanced safety during sample transportation and testing preparation for users.

As part of their plan to “constantly explore new testing technologies” the HSE identified the new Covid 19 lysis-buffer swab technology (referred to as the ‘lysis swab’), which is developed to kill the Covid 19 virus through an inactivation material. This offers the potential to significantly reduce Covid 19 turnaround times for testing in laboratories – thereby increasing throughput and allowing earlier availability of results. Testing agents have been preparing for the change since the beginning of October and it will be rolled out on Monday, with increased levels of tested expected immediately thereafter.

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