Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Dunmore Wing at University Hospital Waterford.

111 patients in isolation at University Hospital Waterford today

MANAGER of University Hospital Waterford Grace Rothwell has issued a stark warning to her staff as covid-19 related admissions increase significantly in the past week.

In a letter issued to all staff this morning, Ms Rothwell said that “in capacity terms we are above capacity on a consistent basis now for 2+ weeks”.

“This is a real concern, particularly given the impact in recent days on elective admissions,” Ms Rothwell said. “We will continue elective care for as long as it is safe to do so but in order to admit patients we require continued turnover of beds.”

As of 11am this morning (October 15) there were now six patients positive with Covid-19 and 53 patients on a covid pathway. In total there are currently 111 patients in isolation at University Hospital Waterford today.

[According to a spokesperson for the hospital, the COVID pathway in University Hospital Waterford “comprises of patients who have been swabbed who are isolated while awaiting their results, patients that have transferred in from other healthcare facilities that are isolated as a precaution, and patients that have been tested and received a negative result but whom clinicians have requested remain isolated and be monitored for on-going symptoms.]

The hospital situation in UHW presently is –

There are 189 beds allocated to Medicine – Medicine today is under bed compliment by 22.

·         There are 24 beds allocated to Haematology / Oncology – Haematology / Oncology is over bed compliment by 10.

·         There are 53 beds allocated to Maternity & Gynae – Maternity & Gynae are under bed compliment by 17.

·         There are a total of 121 beds allocated to Surgical / Orthopaedics / Eye / ENT – Surgical / Orthopaedics / Eye / ENT are over bed compliment by 15.

Ms Rothwell said that it was expected that detail of the Funded Winter Plan would become available this week.

“This is significant in terms of what ‘capacity’ we will have to meet ever increasing demand moving forward,” Ms Rothwell stated. “It is clear that we require additional capacity for the coming months. Our Crisis Management Team continues to meet 2 / 3 times weekly to address issues arising and look ahead and make decisions as to how we will as a team manage the ‘Covid Winter’.


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