Sunday, November 01, 2020

OK, so we have been here before and we were expecting it to some degree so let us not hesitate when it comes to getting back into the at home workouts and fitness plan.

Granted, the weather has deteriorated somewhat and the daylight is scarce, we can still do this. We can continue on our fitness journeys and just make some small adaptations, and keep ourselves and our families healthy, fit and mentally stable over the next six weeks.

My first tip is a quote I saw on Instagram a few days ago and I think for us to remain positive over the next few weeks it’s a good one to remember; “There is no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothing”. I think this is just brilliant, let’s not let the wet and colder weather stop us, just dress up, show up and get it done.

This week, I am going to give you a few ideas of activities to keep your fitness and sanity ticking over as we stay within a five-kilometre radius of home for the next six weeks.

Cycling or Running: So if you did a bit of running during the last lockdown or fancy starting, start small and build it up, same on the bike, don’t do too much too soon, as we cant meet with groups we can always bring the kids or hubby, or even better, get out alone for 30 minutes and clear the head. Monitor your distance and times and over the coming weeks you will notice a difference in your speed and/or overall fitness level.

Yoga/Pilates: Whether its first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or any down time in the day you find a free, quiet 20 minutes to practise some Yoga or Pilates. It is great for helping your flexibility, especially if you are running, and it’s a wonderful way to ground your thoughts and calm you, relieving stress and anxiety. Lots of classes are available online, check them out.

Skipping: Although not for everyone, it is a great cardio vascular workout that’s sure to burn calories and build up a sweat, get out in the back garden and give it a go, the kiddies will love to get involved too and 15/20 minutes is enough to work up that heart rate.

The Stairs: The stairs is a hidden exercise gem in your home, there are so many movements you can perform on them from jumps to reverse lunges, side squats to tricep dips and the good old fashioned walking up them. Again, YouTube will have a great selection of adapted workouts to do on your stairs. Who would have known?

Influencers: They are all over social media and without a doubt a wonderful motivation for getting fit at home during these times, and remember they are all home too and not working due to the Level 5 restrictions. So, look up famous fitness influencers or local ones, all will really help you stay focused as they talk all things fitness, workouts, food and clothing related, and who doesn’t enjoy a bit of online shopping for new gym gear to motivate you? They also talk about their struggle and battles with lockdown restrictions on their fitness journeys so it can help you to take it all in your stride a bit more, we are all in this together.

Dancing: Long gone are the days of the disco but hit up an online Zumba class or just blare the tunes and get the kiddies up for a boogie it will really help, especially if you’re working form home and need 10minutes away from the computer screen and to release some endorphins. You will come back to the laptop feeling refreshed and ready to work.

Meditation: My final, and most important point of the day is to find time most days if you can to meditate. It can help to calm the brain and curb anxiety you may feel about everything that’s going on which is out of your control, but your brain, through meditation you can control. It can recharge your batteries and help prepare you to exercise or work in the day and just put you in an overall better mood. There are aps and videos you can watch, y0u can do your own meditation with just breathing techniques or a guided mediation, all is perfect, just pick what suits and works for you and try do it as much and often as you can.

Stay positive, mind your physical and mental health, keep fit, eat well and enjoy this family time again, we will get through it together and following my tips we will be better for it. Be Safe!

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