Friday, January 01, 2021

UPMC Hospitals have today reminded the Waterford public that travel for surgical and medical care in its facilities is permitted under Level 5 guidance, including outpatient services and diagnostics.

“All our services will continue as normal over the coming weeks and it is important for patients to know that our hospitals are open and operating on a regular schedule during the Level 5 restrictions,” according to UPMC.

It’s been stressed to patients that travel for essential purposes, including medical, surgical, outpatient and diagnostic care, is permitted under the guidelines.

Should any patients come across Garda checkpoints, their appointment letter will prove sufficient to Gardaí that such travel is essential.

“We understand that these are worrying times for our patients,” said Claire Phelan, UPMC’s Senior Director of Operations.  “But I would like to advise the people of Waterford that UPMC Hospitals will continue to serve patients over the coming period and that it is important for them to know that we are operating a regular service across all of our locations in Waterford, Cork, Carlow and Kildare. Sometimes confusion can arise due to public hospitals cancelling certain procedures, but in UPMC, our regular schedule will be continued.”

Ms Phelan continued: “I understand that some patients are unsure of the situation regarding movement from outside their county, however, it is important to note that If they are travelling from outside the county, it is still permitted to proceed to the hospital for any procedures or appointments. Just ensure that you carry your appointment letters to produce at any Garda checkpoints.”

UPMC is adhering to HSE guidelines and taking every precaution to keep its patients and staff alike safe.

It has offered the following advice to the Waterford public: “If you are visiting us for an outpatient appointment and driving yourself, please come alone. If a family member is driving you, please if possible have them drop you off and pick you up. And if you are a patient or a consultant operating out of one of our hospitals and you have a concern, please contact your consultant’s office directly or through the hospital.”

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