Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Kyle Kenny, on the left, and Ed Cahill, on the right, outside Tully’s last year 

IT has certainly been a tough start to the year for the hospitality sector, but according to Ed Cahill of Tully’s Bar, it “pales into insignificance” when compared to the situation in the country’s hospitals right now.

In light of soaring Covid-19 cases, Ed, who manages the O’Connell Street establishment, told the Waterford News & Star that Tully’s decided to shut up shop for takeaway. “We are incredibly fortunate that we can take the decision to remain closed, we fully appreciate that others must continue to trade during these challenging times. We will continue to review this decision and hopefully when the case numbers improve we will be in a position to reopen our website for online orders,” Mr Cahill said.

With the outlook for the coming months looking uncertain for the pub trade, Ed, like many others in his position, wishes he knew the answer.

“The vaccine certainly brings a new hope for a return to some form of normalcy. However, I think the sector is acutely aware that this will not be a quick fix and realistically we face months of closure.

“Personally, I hope that when the reopening of the hospitality sector is being considered, the approach will be one that looks at opening the whole sector as one – restaurants, cafes, hotels, pubs serving food and traditional pubs.

“The goal of the reopening should be that it will not require another period of closure, and if that means leaving the sector closed for longer so be it, provided supports are in place to sustain the sector during that period of course. This, in my view, should be the approach taken with all sectors affected by the lockdown, from retail to the arts,” he said.

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