Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Weekly column by fitness experts Adam Wright and Jacqui Watson for the Waterford News & Star, in association with Kingfisher Fitness Club


I THINK an increasing number of people are realising that gyms aren’t going to be opening anytime soon and feel they really need to make a start on the year regardless. They’re reconsidering trying online exercise classes. I run online video exercise classes for Kingfisher Club customers (if you’re a club member you can access these through the “Live Classes” section of the app) and my own clients.

These tips are specifically aimed at the online classes I run, but should apply to most online classes of a similar type. And many of these points can and will apply to face to face group exercise classes when we get back there too. So if you’re nervous or unsure in any way, these might help:

1) No one can see you unless you let them

Most gym apps (including the Kingfisher Club’s) don’t do two way video. You can see me, I can’t see you. I don’t even know who is attending, just numbers. And even if you’re using something like Zoom, no one can see you unless you turn your camera on. Being seen to be unfit or in some way looking “silly” or, much worse, even being made fun of is a major fear for a great many people. Online workout classes with no two way video actually provide an opportunity to get around these fears without having to overcome them… one of the pros of online workout classes!

As a side note, even if you don’t have these fears, many people do. Sharing pictures or videos of so-called “gym fails” and the like can reinforce these fears in those that have them. Even if you may have found content like this funny in the past please consider this possibility the next time you come across it’s like.

2) You can reduce the number of reps if you need to

If I ask for 10, set your target at six or seven. Even do only half the first time. If you haven’t taken part in anything like this for a while/ ever you may be quite sore after the first one and it’ll be worse if you try to go in guns blazing. Doing a smaller bit and being able to come back again in a couple of days is better than doing too much, being out of commission for a week and being afraid.

3) Rest anytime you need

I wouldn’t have a problem with you doing this in a face to face class either but the fact you can’t be seen during most online video classes makes this one even easier to not beat yourself up over. Jump back in, if the timer is still running, whenever you’re ready.

4) Any improvement on last week is a step in the right direction

If you haven’t been up too much the last several weeks then even 20 minutes the first time you try is an improvement on last week. Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t able for everything at full blast (even if you used to be… fitness goes away if we don’t use it and you can’t will or brute force yourself back to where you were using a plucky “can do” attitude, it’ll take a bit of time, your body has to adapt again).

5) Equipment doesn’t have to be perfect

If you’re joining in “HIIT Strength” with me you’ll need some hand weights. Somewhere between 2kg and 5kg per hand (lighter for the first time if you have them). These can be bottles of water or sand. Stubbornly insisting you can’t take part because you don’t have perfect dumbbells is really just another type of excuse.

6) I’d love to hear from you after

If you do give one of my classes a try off the back of this post, or even if you’ve been doing them for a while, I love it when people message me to let me know how they got on: @AdamWrightPT on Instagram or Facebook.

Hoping to see numbers that represent you on my live streams real soon, or, if you try someone else’s classes, good luck!

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