Monday, March 01, 2021

Public bin overflowing with rubbish

WATERFORD City and County Council will review service levels should the trend of an increase in litter continue, which resulted in bins overflowing and rubbish strewn across city streets on Sunday.

The Council is currently deploying crews for city street sweeping and litter bin servicing on a six-day week basis. Therefore, Director of Services, Roads, Water and Environment, Fergus Galvin stated that the accumulation of rubbish in the city centre occurred over a one day period.

“Our service levels are reduced at present to reflect the demands arising from the current Covid-19 level 5 restrictions, which has seen both a very significant reduction in traffic and people moving around generally,” he said. In particular, the need to reduce service levels was due to most retail outlets being closed, for the safety of operational staff and the need to reduce staff contacts and movement.

“This past weekend with nicer weather than what has been the case for the past two months does appear to have brought a lot more people out and about, resulting in the increased levels of litter over the past two days. We will be reviewing our service level should this trend continue,” Mr Galvin stated.

With the arrival of spring and the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, Cllr Joe Kelly (IND) said the Council should return to a full seven day operation, and even improve upon the Sunday service. He stated that fast food takeaways have a duty to maintain the front area outside their premises, and are clearly failing on that regard.

“Both Waterford Council and restaurants and fast food outlets must work together to ensure that this level of litter doesn’t occur again.” He also believes that the bins are too small for purpose and should be complemented by large general rubbish bins such as those used for household waste.

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