Tuesday, March 02, 2021

PLANNING permission for a low capacity pet crematorium at Ballykinsella, Tramore, has been granted. A request for further information was issued by the planning department earlier this year regarding the logistics of transporting the remains of the animals, and the wastewater associated with a crematorium.

Responding to that request, the applicant advised that the small-scale crematorium will not have a wastewater treatment system on site. However, a soakpit will take the rainwater run-off from the roof. It is understood that no toilet facilities will be on site due to the proximity of the applicant’s home.

By way of response to the department’s query regarding the storage of animal remains, the crematorium owner plans to use a domestic freezer chest to store frozen pets, with a maximum of five pets on site at any one time. Following cremation, pets will be hand delivered to the owners in a casket or urn of their choice on the same day as their cremation.

Although there were concerns raised following the initial application regarding air emissions, there is no Air Emissions licence required for low capacity pet crematoriums.

The crematorium plans to hold just one member of staff on site, with that same member on site in the mornings, before dropping off the urn or collecting the remains of pets from veterinary clinics around Waterford in the afternoon.

The facility will be the only pet crematorium in Waterford.

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