Wednesday, June 09, 2021

‘A varied paper with plenty of time to proof-read’ seems to be the general consensus among the sixth year students who completed their English paper one today at 12.20pm. The paper was based around the theme of Reflections on Time, and rewarded the student with a flair for lyrical language. Literary heavyweights John Banville and Doireann Ní Ghríofa featured in the comprehensions, while actor Chadwick Boseman was featured in the third comprehension. This would likely have been the popular choice for students who opted to answer the comprehension A questions.

Comprehension B rewarded the student with a strong flair of discursive, opinionated writing with topics such as animal cruelty, and sterotyping appearing as options for the 50 mark question.

The composition rewarded the student who prepared for the personal essay as two options appeared for that style of writing. The theme of the paper was well suited to the essay style. Increasing in popularity in recent years is the discursive essay, and students hoping to see this were not disappointed as the meaning and importance of community was up for discussion. Following the year that has been, there was ample reservoirs of local content for students to lean on as sources of inspiration for writing.

With the paper being worth 200 marks out of a total 400 marks including tomorrow’s paper two, students will be in a strong place for tomorrow’s examination.


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