Sunday, June 13, 2021

BONMAHON lifeboat crew have criticised the scenes of chaos which were present at Bonmahon beach today. Crowds descended in high volumes, with cars being parked on both sides of the road leading up to the beach, leaving no room for emergency services. Unfortunately, an incident occurred at the beach this afternoon, and traffic was at a complete standstill, adding unnecessary delays in responding to an emergency.
Bonmahon Lifeboat crew thanked the Irish Coastguard Unit who assisted in responding and handling the incident on the beach. A spokesperson for Bonmahon Lifeboat said “this beach is packed full of people and should have at least a weekend lifeguard just as all other lifeguarded beaches in County Waterford.”

The scenes today were described as a “crazy situation for crew arriving.” Early today, Gardaí had reiterated their appeal for people to park safely. Tickets were issued to car-owners across the county as parking everywhere was reflective of a busy summer day.

Bonmahon Lifeboat was unable to move through the traffic, which was at a complete standstill

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